canned peach

In Southern European countries such as France, Spain, Italy, we can often see canned peaches used as an ingredient, namely peach puree with duck breasts, peach dumplings, etc. One of the most outstanding dishes, called 'sugar peach' was invented by Auguste Escoffier - a French chef, restaurant owner, and cooking writer - which attracts many food enthusiasts all over the world.


Another comes from the most famous chefs and culinary promoters from France in the late 19th century, known as the "king of the kitchen", just as Helen Porter Mitchell, an Australian-born soprano popularly known for her stage art name, Nellie Melba, lived in a hotel in London by the Thames River. During that time in the year 1892, Esf Feier works as a chef at the hotel. He served a special dessert for Melba's dinner: perfectly boiled half peach topped with vanilla syrup, vanilla ice cream, and raspberry. It was later named after her, and now it is commonly served as a basic dessert of around the Western restaurants, which can be replaced with strawberries or other preferred choices of topping.


Peach's attractive visual and succulent taste has brought its fame in the southern European countries. In China, people only began eating peaches during the last 90 centuries, white flesh peaches are commonly consumed as peaches are quite rare. After the 21st century, peaches are seen as a luxury food in the supermarket as they will be considered an imported goods from the Greek or Spain.


Little did they know that peach trees are originated from China, and later introduced to India, Central Asia, Persia and other places, about 300 years before Greece first peach tree during the third century BC, by ancient Greek naturalist Tiuofu Rustu (Theophrastus), prominently known as "Persian apples". Concurrently as Roman literature gained its fame, peaches are actively imported from Persia for consumption. It's presumed that only poor peaches were traded as their relatively hard texture and astringent peach varieties. This leads to the low demand of peaches in Europe until 1650, when the British brought peaches to North America.


In China, we could find a description of peach in the writing of "sea record broken things": "Tang Zhenguan, Kangju country (now northern Xinjiang) offer peach, big as a goose, its color, such as gold, was the reason for the name  'golden peach'. It is said it was originated from Central Asia and to the west into Persia, Europe. 

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