Yellow peach should pay attention to what details

Yellow peach belongs to the Rosaceae family. They're known for their yellow meat and thus the name yellow peach. Profoundly rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, calcium and a variety of trace elements. It improves digestive system, clears the skin, and acts as an anti-aging component. It relies on the soil, climate, and water quality to provide a unique taste. A mixture of sweet and light acidity.

However, should pay special attention to eat yellow peach, yellow peach bought in the market not all can eat immediately, immature yellow peach is not eaten, otherwise it will bloating or raw. And hight heat , easy to Acne, hyperglycemia, diabetic patients should not eat.

Regular consumption helps with defecation, lowering blood sugar and blood lipids, anti-free radicals, removing black spots, delaying senility, and improving immunity. Consumption by diabetic patients, infants, and pregnant women are not advised.

The best time for fresh yellow peach is from July to September. This time to buy peach is the freshest.So it is best to partner with the yellow peach in the production date consultation and purchase.

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