What is freeze-dried food?

Freeze-dried food is quickly frozen, vacuum ice-like dehydration, save the original color, smell, taste, nutrients and the appearance of the original material, and has a good rehydration, and does not contain any additives, is the ideal natural Health food freeze-dried food is a vacuum freeze-dried food referred to, also known as FD food. Due to freeze-dried this special place to freeze-dried food (a) rational process, which can maximize the preservation of the original fresh food color and flavor, nutritional composition, appearance and shape; In addition, freeze-dried products without preservatives can be stored at room temperature More than 5 years, and the finished product is light weight, easy to carry and transport, is the processing of tourism, leisure, convenient food excellent method. Freeze-dried food, this is known as the astronauts of the old aristocratic food, and now quietly entered the people's lives. Supermarkets, colorful freeze-dried green fruit slices, freeze-dried convenient instant soup, freeze-dried dehydrated seafood, vegetables, etc., everywhere. There are hundreds of varieties of agricultural products that can be processed by freeze-drying technology. However, due to various factors, the varieties accepted by the market are relatively limited, and the vast majority of varieties are in foreign countries
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