Want to do the quality of canned peach peach is the key

1. Grasp the quality of goods to control the source, has always insisted on the quality of the top
Dangshan peach is the specialty of Dangshan County, Anhui Province. Dangshan peach quality superior, flesh golden, no red pigment, can not make the soup, sweet and sour moderate. Its golden color, rich aroma, pulp insoluble traits excellent. Suitable processing canned, peach, peach juice, frozen peach and so on. Processing products in Europe and the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other international market market by the expectations.
Peach nutrient is very rich, according to the Academy of Agricultural experts to check: its primary nutrients are: rich vitamin C and a lot of human body needs cellulose, carotene, red pigment and a variety of trace elements such as selenium, zinc And other content were significantly higher than other peaches, but also rich in malic acid, citric acid and other ingredients. Peach skin and fruit were golden, sweet and less acid, unique taste, eat two can play a lax, Blood sugar, anti-free radicals, eliminate dark spots, delay aging, improve immune function and other effects can also promote the appetite, can be described as health fruit,
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2. Commodity technology, adhere to the use of the highest standards
First, production equipment. Because the main products from the export of the main selection of goods, these goods are mainly sold to Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, more than 20 countries and regions, the demand and the world of canned food fair competition, processing equipment and production technology to reach the quality World class. That is, the world's best production and processing equipment, the most leading import inspection equipment and standardized production and processing workshops, with strict implementation of HACCP food safety guidelines to produce, make good use of equipment to ensure a good environment to ensure good processing of goods. Second, packaging technology. The best technology to produce the best goods, but also with the best packaging. To ensure the quality of goods and to facilitate the consumption of consumers, the selection of the best domestic packaging suppliers, adhere to the use of safe and high quality packaging, and to facilitate consumer consumption.
3. Make sure you are fresh and healthy
Technology is the quality assurance. Canned do not add preservatives. The process of preserving the cans is primarily dependent on the retention in the vacuum aseptic state for a long time without the need for additional preservatives.
The second is to successfully lock the nutrients. Canned by the use of low temperature "pasteurization method", so that the retention of fruit nutrients to complete the maximum. Three is to ensure freshness. Fresh peach from the base picking into the factory processing products do not exceed 48 hours to ensure that raw materials fresh.
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