These peach varieties you know?

First, early crown: a bud mutation varieties, Shuzi compact, tree-wang. Leaves large, lanceolate, smooth foliage. Rose-type flowers, self-pollination, drought-resistant frost, fruit set high. Disease resistance. Beginning in mid-June mature, is China's early-maturing fresh peach varieties in the larger head, the average weight of 210 grams, the maximum fruit weight of 360 grams. Peel golden, fleshy fine fibers, pulp orange, viscous nucleus, small nuclear, sweet, sugar 16 or so, a rose aroma, unique flavor, resistance to storage and transportation. Is an excellent fresh peach varieties.
Second, the yellow peach 83: Japanese varieties, rose-shaped flowers ,. Early July mature, average fruit weight 200 grams. Peel yellow, orange pulp, color card 8, the nuclear week without red silk, insoluble, sweet and sour, a strong aroma. Nuclear small, processing a high rate of meat. Also suitable for fresh food. Fruit rate.
3, Huang Guan: also known as the Golden Crown, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Shandong Province in mid-July mature, average weight 210 g, slightly sweet taste, meat insoluble, nuclear outside the red, color card 7.5, suitable for canned and frozen . Processing and utilization. Set the fruit rate, disease resistance.
Fourth, beautiful peach: Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences. 1985 introduced to Pingyi County, Shandong Province, Wutai town, in early August began to mature, the average weight of 260 grams, the largest fruit weight 650 grams. Fruit top round, two and a half symmetry. Peel golden. Pulp insoluble, soft meat, pulp orange, less fiber, viscous nucleus, sweet, the average sugar content of 16 degrees. Is a good variety of fresh yellow peach, but also for processing canned, frozen, etc., is an excellent variety of fresh food processing.
Fifth, the Golden King: Variety Fairview bud. Pingyi County Peach Institute. Bell-shaped flowers. Drought and frost-resistant, mature in mid-August, the average weight of 300 grams, the largest fruit weight 760 grams. Peel yellow, flesh orange, meat insoluble, color card 7.5, sweet, aromatic aroma, fresh peach fine varieties, but also for processing. High fruit set, no artificial pollination, disease resistance, high resistance to peach tree gum disease.
Sixth, Peach No. 1: Fairview Peach bud mutation varieties, also known as gold 1 peach. Shuzi opened, tree vigor. Leaves large, lanceolate, smooth foliage. Bell-shaped flowers, self-pollination, pollen and more drought-resistant antifreeze, disease-resistant and strong. Early September to mature, is China's current high-quality late-maturing peach varieties. The average weight of 320 grams, the largest fruit weight 850 grams. Fruit top round, two and a half symmetry. Peel golden, less hair, smooth. Flesh non-solute, pulp orange, less fiber, color card 8. Nien core, smell aromatic, sweet, high sugar content, the average sugar level of 17 or so. Is fresh peach fine varieties, but also processing canned, frozen and so on. High fruit set, no artificial pollination.
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