These canned peaches knowledge you know?

Peach has its own high nutritional value, vitamin C and a lot of the human body needs cellulose, carotene, tomato flavin, red and a variety of trace elements. Such as selenium, zinc and other levels were significantly higher than other general peaches, but also rich in malic acid, citric acid and other ingredients.
Special attention to the selection of time: First, the delicious yellow peach depends on the excellent peach material, excellent type, excellent peach is a good foundation for canned, as long as a large flesh taste of yellow peach, according to the export EU food standards, each tank has 4 to 6 pieces of peach is the best canned.
The second is to do peach canned technology, the traditional technology to make the peach is indeed the most refreshing, the traditional technology, the request on the sugar is very strict, because sugar is also affect the taste and quality of yellow peach canned one of the important factors , The traditional technology in the application of sugar cans in each canned peaches are requested in 14 to 17 degrees, as long as in this interval, to make the yellow peach can taste moderate, sweet and sour Gan purpose. In addition to traditional technology is never allowed to increase any of the sweeteners and other chemical flavor enhancer, so to do the entrance of the yellow peach will not greasy, natural Miantian, sweet white sugar and peach aroma of the full integration of , The rich Victoria C and pectin, also has a cosmetic effect it.
Then the sterile food containers packed in sterile, hot sealing; the final re-heat sterilization, cooling, the container inside the top of the gap to shorten the volume of air, negative pressure will occur, the original closure Strict bottle even more open, and outside the bacteria can not go in. Through these processes, food will not be natural erosion, there is no need to add Han preservatives. So the parents who boldly buy it, be determined to eat like.
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