There are nutritious ingredients inside the can

 The nutrition of the fish is rich, not only because of its high content of protein (protein food), easy to digest (digest food), contain b vitamins (vitamin food) and calcium (calcium food), zinc, selenium, iodine and other minerals, The fat rich in omega 3 fatty acids, the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and the promotion of intellectual development beneficial. However, if the fish made of canned food, its nutritional value will not change?
    Fish rich in protein and a variety of nutrients, acid is very low, particularly easy to breed bacteria, so do when the canned in 115-121 ℃ under high temperature and pressure sterilization. Such a high temperature on the impact of protein is not, but it will cause a large number of b vitamins loss. As a result, the content of vitamin B1 in canned fish can be reduced to about half that of fresh fish and further reduced in long-term storage.
    However, everything will be beneficial. High temperature and high pressure heating to make fish bones become crisp soft, so that a large number of calcium dissolution. Therefore, canned fish than the fish increased the calcium content of more than 10 times, including iron (iron food), zinc, iodine, selenium and other minerals are not lost. Therefore, eating canned fish for mineral supplement has a certain significance. However, if used to do canned fish is subject to lead, mercury and other contaminated deep-sea fish, with the bones become crisp soft, which will be a large number of pollutants dissolved, increase the harm to the human body. Salmon, trout, yellow croaker, etc. are safer than tuna, shark, sea bass, swordfish, barracuda, marlin, cod and other contaminated fish.
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