The yellow peach cans will be metamorphic reasons for what!

Peach cultivation in the northwest and southwest of China is more, with the yellow canned tin canned processing industry development, now in North China, East China, Northeast and other places to cultivate an area is also expanding. Especially in Jiangsu Ganyu Shiqiao Town canned peaches produced the best quality, ranked third in the world. But in part because of the origin and the manufacturers of technology and management immature, it will inevitably have yellow peach can rot corruption, the other consumer not only economic losses, and health hazards, what is the reason for this?
A, sterilization
There are many reasons for spoilage of canned fruits, including pollution of raw materials, freshness, cleanliness of workshop, technical management of production, sterilization operation technology, rationality of sterilization process conditions and so on.
If the raw material pollution is serious, poor freshness, then the sterilization intensity no matter how to improve, it may not be able to achieve the requirements of sterilization, can not produce high-quality fruit peach canned food.
Sterilization process in the rational selection of sterilization, strict control of operating procedures, to prevent the emergence of sterilization pot "bag" and "dead" is also very important.
B, canned fruit Peach canned and cracked
Cause of cracks: curling structure of the poor: the coincidence rate of <45%; sterilization pot pressure and tank pressure balance control properly, causing tank angle, crimping loose. After sterilization, the spoilage bacteria are inhaled into the tank with air or water, causing corruption.
C, yellow peach fruit canned food in the early corruption before sterilization
Mostly due to improper production management and production in the hot season, the peak backlog due to backlog of raw materials.
Raw material pollution is serious, the bactericidal strength needs to improve.
In order to reduce the pre-microbial contamination and reproduction, need to strengthen the raw materials, processing and the surrounding environment and other aspects of hygiene, strict control of clean water, water and other health standards.
Competition rules of the market is the survival of the fittest, but in this process, we want to reduce the harm of inferior products, we must know how to identify the pros and cons of goods.
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