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The truth of canned food

Jutai Foods

Many consumers in China are skeptical of the benefits food canned which is caused by some misunderstanding. According to China's canner industry association of a query results show that China's consumers on the basic situation of canned food to understand the situation is still relatively short, highlighted in 1, canned food preservatives 2, canned raw materials are not fresh 3, canned goods no Nutrients, etc. ... ... these errors to a large extent are bound to the matter of canned food's cost.

But many people do not know is that in foreign countries, canned food has a different experience, the supermarket company food containers placed on the most variety of canned food (including human consumption and pet food). According to statistics, now the international canned annual output value of about 45 million tons, the United States per capita cost of 90 kg, about 50 kg in Europe, Japan 23 kg. According to Britain's largest canned production company, a general British family usually eat 15 cans in a week.

China is a large exporter canned food, canned food is the first in many of our food into the international market, commodity quality and international standards of a commodity. Canned career has always maintained a rapid pace of development. Even in the global financial tsunami, China's canned exports are still increasing trend. Therefore, China is a rare international canned production, export power, canned small country.