The sales increase in canned fruits industry

With the rapid improvement in technology and internet, we are able to improve any aspect in our life. Though the most apparent change is in our social life, it visibly affects our economic system as well.

In 2008, WeChat apparent success in micro-business was groundbreaking. Selling is just a click away, no matter the object, it seems like there will be endless interest everywhere.

Doing micro-business doesn't require you to own a large sum of money to advertise and find publicity.  All you have to do is to post your product and let your friend circle spread it around.

This evidently also affects the processed food industry. The advantage of canned food is its long shelf life. Their price is comparably lower than fresh fruits and can be stored conveniently. And since they're easily distributed, the sales could be made from its factory to the distributor, then to smaller agents, and to a small shop, and so on. Internet clearly plays a huge role in the magnificent increase of sales.

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