The nutritional value of canned fruit is high

Today, with the development of the times, most of the regional, seasonal fresh fruit is almost anytime, anywhere to eat. Many people think that canned fruit has gradually faded out of sight, and most people think that fruit canned nutrition in the processing time, most of the nutrients lost. The following is a summary of the nutritional content of canned fruits
The following is an analysis of canned fruit nutrition:
Vitamin A: Vitamin A from animal bait (retinoid) and plant (carotenoid) two ways to get. Vitamin A is very important for vision, is the mucus structure glycoprotein composition of the necessary material, the antioxidant can protect cells. Fruits such as apricots, peaches such as spinach and so are rich in carotenoids, and tomatoes containing lycopene can be used as anti-cancer agent.
Vitamin C: Vitamin C plays a variety of roles in the body. As an ascorbic acid, it has antioxidant properties and may enhance iron uptake, while also contributing to the synthesis of collagen and other cells. Apricot, orange and pineapple and tomato are all rich in vitamin C.
Calcium: this element to deal with cell balance, the normal operation of the nervous system and the teeth, bones and other growth play a role in promoting. Although fruits and vegetables are not an important source of calcium, fruit canned vegetables and beans can provide the same amount of calcium as humans need.
Iron: The metal element is not only hemoglobin is also a component of myocardial protein, and in the human body to produce oxygen play an important role.
Folic acid: the genetic material of RNA and DNA formation plays a key role. Recent studies have shown that a certain amount of folic acid for the period of life is essential for women nutrition elements.
Dietary Fiber: Helps maintain normal intestinal outcomes.
Potassium: can effectively control the balance of human blood, at the same time in the normal blood pressure and renal function to play an important role.
The following are canned foods for fruit
Vitamin A: carotene in the production of canned food in the process of solid, little loss; studies have shown that the heating more conducive to the stability of its nutrition. At the same time, glutathione in tomatoes is more effective in preventing prostate cancer after heating or canning.
Vitamin C: Although the elements in the heating process, the element will be lost, but only a large number of summed up in the aqueous solution. While the remaining vitamin C in the product's shelf life will also exist in a solid situation.
Folic acid: folic acid stability and vitamin C corresponding.
Vitamin B1: In the process of making canned food of beans, the loss of vitamin B1 is less than its loss in the cooking process.
Potassium, calcium: the two elements in the process of making canned food will not change.
Edible fiber: canned process not only will not have any impact on the material, on the contrary can promote its dissolution, strengthen its layout structure, which is more conducive to the body's absorption.
In fact, there are many scientists have done a lot of canned tea alone in-depth test, the results found that canned fruit or nutrient can be sure that some of the nutritional content of canned fruit has not only lost, but more easily absorbed, in fact, canned fruit and no others Imagine so bad, and the fruit has the value of fruit, fruit canned fruit canned value, we used as a recreational food or can.
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