The most advanced production line of canned fish settled in Guangdong Puxi has been trial production

12, Xiangqiao District People's Congress Standing Committee organized some deputies to the construction of key projects in the area to inspect, listen to the report, and on how to promote the construction of key projects to make comments and suggestions.
Representatives went to Chaozhou Jianhua Food Co., Ltd., Chaozhou City Qimao City, Chaozhou Oriental International Tea are key projects such as the construction site to see progress. It is understood that Jianhua Food Co., Ltd. is located in Puxi Township, an emergency water village, the introduction of the most advanced automatic canned fish production line, the project infrastructure has been completed, the product is in trial production phase, is expected to total investment of 108 million yuan by the end of this year; Chaozhou Qimao City is located at the intersection of Anhuang Highway and Shantou Expressway in Tiepu Town. The project mainly includes the used car trading market, vehicle inspection station, automobile 4S shop, etc. The investment from January to July is 30 million yuan, Of the total investment of about 1.5 billion, plans to build tea logistics center, warehouse, tea culture communication center, this year has completed an investment of 100 million yuan.
During the inspection, the representatives exchanged views with the relevant persons in charge of the owners unit to understand the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction. From the reflection of the situation, these projects there are major funding gap, land acquisition and demolition is difficult, the project land is restricted. In this regard, the deputies actively offer advice and suggestions. We believe that strengthening the construction of key projects is to accelerate the revitalization of the development of Xiangqiao, enhance regional comprehensive strength, the construction of Chaozhou "the best area" strong "engine", Xiangqiao District Government and the relevant functional departments should continue to key projects as the region's main line , For each key project in the process of building problems, find out the reasons for the implementation of responsibility, strengthen measures, the right medicine, breakthrough difficulties, inverted schedule to ensure that the project continued to make new progress. Delegates also suggested that the classification of key projects to be managed, so that the new project on the coordination, continued construction of the project progress, production efficiency projects, demonstration projects to implement and effectively solve the key projects encountered financing difficulties, doing things difficult , Approval is difficult, difficult to implement such issues as the focus of project construction to create a good service environment.
Representatives also said that NPC deputies should seriously perform their duties, and actively for the key projects to build heating and encouragement, and create a good atmosphere of public opinion, the formation of a strong force to promote the project construction, to promote the region's sustained and rapid economic and social development contribute.
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