The main processing requirements of canned yellow peach?

Canned peaches, as the name suggests is the use of peach processing canned food made of a class, its nutrient-rich, sweet and sour taste, suitable for the vast majority of human consumption. So, so delicious canned yellow peach is how made it? Here we come together to understand the next.
1, the choice of raw materials. Select the maturity of 8.5 percent, fresh and full, no pests and diseases and mechanical injury, more than 125px in diameter high-quality peach.
2, cutting, digging nuclear. The peach along the seam longitudinal cut in half, not skew caused by the size of the block, has been cut into half the peach slices immersed in 2% salt water color protection. Will cut a half peach block digging nuclear device to dig the peach kernel, to dig smooth and oval, but the fruit can not dig too much or digging, can stay a little red pulp. After digging the nuclear should be timely alkali, or immersed in 2% salt water color protection.
3, peeled, rinsed. The peach core nest down evenly in a single layer of ironing machine in the hot wire, so that the skin is fully subject to alkaline shower. The alkali concentration is 6% ~ 12%, and the temperature is 85-90 ℃. Treatment time is 30-70s, then rinse with water lye.
4, pre-cooked. Will wash the peach block of lye in 0.1% citric acid containing hot solution, in the 90 ~ 100 ℃ hot 2 ~ 5min, to the peach was translucent for the degree. Blanching immediately after cooling with cold water.
5, dressing, canning. With a sharp knife to cut peach surface spots, residual dander. Dressing good peach blocks according to different color, size canned separately, pay attention to neat discharge, tank volume of not less than 55% of the net weight. Immediately after filling the cans into the hot sugar above 80 ℃, sugar concentration of 25% to 30%, and adding 0.1% citric acid, 0.03% different Vc.
6, exhaust, sealing. In the exhaust box thermal exhaust, to the central temperature of 75 ℃ immediately sealed. Or vacuum exhaust, the vacuum is 0.03 ~ 0.04MPa.
7, sterilization, cooling. Sterilization in boiling water for 10 ~ 20min, and then cooled to about 38 ℃.
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