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The benefits of peach for the elderly

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For the elderly is very good, yellow peach soft waxy very good swallow. At the same time rich in peach free radicals, dietary fiber-rich, with a good laxative, detoxification effect. Poor stomach, women, children eat yellow peach, you can adjust the stomach, long-term diarrhea and constipation are very appropriate.
Peach is the best detoxification fruit
    Yellow peach has anti-free radicals, eliminate dark spots, anti-aging, improve immunity and so on, it is appropriate to stay up all night and work in the toxic environment of the crowd, while it has a strong detoxification effect (based on dietary fiber and selenium) For example, the peach is an important beauty beauty fruit. Peach is a warm fruit, for menstrual women have a very good temperature effect.
Peach suitable for middle-aged man to eat!
    Eat yellow peach can not only provide the blood to maintain the function of the brain, but also can regulate the body's fat metabolism, eat two can play a purge, blood sugar, blood lipids, anti-free radicals, eliminate dark spots, anti-aging, improve immunity Function and other effects, but also to promote appetite, called health fruit, health of the peach People who are tired, people who work in polluting the environment, hobby people who smoke, who are engaged in strenuous exercise and high-intensity labor.
And dairy products to eat more nutritious
    Peach has a unique peach protein decomposition enzymes, not only can make dairy products usually easy to decompose digestion of the long chain to be hydrolyzed more easily digested, but also mixed to produce a different taste, volatile unique flavor, resulting in unforgettable taste.
Recommended to eat: yellow peach milk fishing
    Mix the peach and yogurt and never let you eat it!
Peach is a tree with ripe fruit with higher sugar content
    Both peach and kiwi belong to the tree after ripe fruit. General picking maturity of 8 mature, crisp taste, sweet and sour. 3 days after picking the peach through a series of yeast, enzymatic reaction, cell wall wall release of aromatic substances, and vitamins, this time the water filling, maturity will reach the best taste, high sugar content, sweet and attractive, soft waxy slippery Mouth, aroma full house.