The advantages of cans from the bottom

Whether the production process or raw material supply, China's canned has obvious advantages, from the initial stage has been favored by the international market, and therefore the earliest and international standards of food, is also China's food industry exports high-quality products. Why can not be loved by Chinese consumers, the reason is China's food safety caused by the environment, in fact, people can understand the production process regardless of what kind of rumors, canned love and trust are still the same .
The so-called preservative-based argument is due to the lack of knowledge about the production process of canned food, the European Food Safety Commission has pointed out that canned food is the best way to deal with bacteria spread, and canned industry is the first to use HACCP system of the industry, Without adding any preservatives, will be able to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. Can be said that canned food is the most secure semi-finished products. European and American consumers also believe that food safety, canned food has an unparalleled advantage.
In addition, the quality of canned food is controlled and maintained fresh in the pre-set processing, so most canned food is fresher than the fresh produce stored in the usual distribution channels. Canned food raw materials in the harvest, transport to the processing of the whole process of delay time is very short, and some products even shorter than 2 hours, which makes canned food can maintain a high nutritional value. Canned food, as one of the most convenient foods, will bring more convenience, safety, nutrition and health to the people in improving their work and living efficiency.
★ safety, high nutritional value
Canned to air, water, bacteria completely isolated vacuum seal, in this state by the high-temperature sterilization, its better security, nutritional ingredients than the family to do more richer dishes.
★ unusually high use value
Can be directly consumed can also be used as cooking materials, a little cooking can make delicious food.
★ high storage
Sealed heat sterilization, at room temperature can be stored for a long time.
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