Talking about the therapeutic effect of canned

Peach, belonging to a kind of peach. From the historical literature we can see: peach in three or four thousand years ago, in the Chinese land has been valued and has been cultivated, to the Qin and Han Dynasties, peach has cultivated a variety of important varieties, continue to multiply today's yellow peach population. Named after the meat is yellow. At present the peach is often used to be made into yellow peach.
Peach jelly yellow peach can be fresh fruit as seasonal raw materials, taste more flavor, the use of modern production technology, vacuum sealed packaging, health and safety, than the fruit flavor thicker than the traditional juice to drink better. And carefully prepared by the experts, the unique taste of its rich and suitable for Chinese people's physical and eating habits.
Canned peach
Canned peach has the following therapeutic effect:
1, Yin Yin tonic: tonic loss, Yijing gas, lungs and kidney, for lung and kidney. Suitable for a long illness or virtual wastage.
2, Shengjinzhike: throat to dry, make people fresh and comfortable. Suitable for dry mouth, dry eyes, over thought, lack of sleep, too many people speak.
3, blood stasis: to promote the human blood run, it is appropriate to treat blood stasis.
4, laxative: can lubricate the intestinal tract, stimulate defecation.
5, menstruation: relieve dysmenorrhea, or menstrual low back pain.
6, asthma: reduce the excitement of the respiratory center, so that breathing tends to be quiet and showing the role of antitussive and asthma.
7, other effects: with Yin, Sheng Jin, moistening and promoting blood circulation effect; attending summer thirst, constipation, dysmenorrhea, wasting cough, hernia pain, nocturnal emission, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats embolism.
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