Simple way to distinguish good or bad canned yellow peaches!

Peach has a high nutritional value. According to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences experts test, its main nutrients consist of: vitamin C, cellulose, carotene, tomatoes flavin, and a variety of trace elements. Other contents such as selenium, malic acid, citric acid, zinc, and other ingredients are also significantly higher. Peaches are known for its golden yellow, outer peach skin, and flesh. Its sweet and sour taste, not only leaves you craving for more but also acts as a  laxative, hypoglycemic, lipid, anti-free radicals, eliminate dark spots, anti-aging, improve immune function role. Aside from that, it also promotes appetite. Though it's a little acidic, it can be processed into sweet delicious canned yellow peaches.


How to identify a good or bad canned yellow peaches?

1. First observe the peach cans at the top, the middle and bottom of the cracks, followed by observation of shelf life, and ingredients list. Inspect for any foreign component, the flesh should be whole, and the color should be yellow with slight green color.

2. The syrup should be transparent. When sugar content is higher, the viscosity of syrup will be thicker although it tastes better, it might be harmful to your health. Currently on the market there are many canned yellow peaches with sugar and other additives against white sugar, because this lower cost. The high-quality manufacturers all use white sugar, taste good, thick viscous juice.

3. Canned yellow peaches that have been stored for several months tastes better. This storing will allow the fruits to absorb the syrup, resulting is sweeter peaches.

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