Recommended for the elderly to eat frozen vegetables and canned

The nearly 10-year-old American Diet Guide will be rebranded, and the revised dietary guidelines for older adults will be more user-friendly, emphasizing the special dietary needs of older adults over 70 years of age.
The first American Dietary Guidelines for the Elderly was developed in 1999 by researchers at Tufts University, who revised the Dietary Guidelines for the Elderly after the US federal government's general diet guidelines were revised.
The new Elderly Food Guide emphasizes the importance of certain nutrients for older people, such as new guidelines to alert older people to the need for calcium, vitamin D and B12 to supplement the deficiencies gained in food.
The new guidelines point out that for the elderly, the choice of nutrient-rich items becomes more important due to the lack of food, such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk and high-fiber whole-grain foods. Frozen vegetables and canned fruits may be fresh Vegetables and fruits a good substitute.
Researcher Lichtenstein said: "This kind of food is easier to prepare, shelf life is longer, can minimize waste.
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