Recalling the history of the canning industry

1809, the prosperity of world trade, long life on board the seafarers, because not eat fresh vegetables, fruits and other food and sick, and some also suffering from a serious life-threatening scurvy, the French Napoleonic government with 12,000 francs of the huge Bonuses, to seek a long-term storage of food. Finally, the business of candied food French Abel, to find a good way: the food into the wide mouth glass bottles, stuffed with a cork bottle, into the steamer heating, and then plug the cork, and wax seal . In this way, the earliest cans appeared.
China's modern canning industry began to appear from the Korean War. Since then, China's canning industry has gone through about three stages of development: the first stage is the 20th century, 70-80 years, during this period canned for the average person is a luxury. The late 20th century, 70 years, about 400 kinds of canned products in China, in fact, after 80 years of childhood, canned though can buy, but also considered a luxury snack.
The second stage was in the late 1980s and 1990s. Since the founding of new China in 50 years, in the planned economy to a market economy in the process of transformation, canned brand trademark ownership disputes, the export of canned counterfeit trademark problems seriously affect the credibility of the Chinese canned products in the international market, canned export operations difficult , Coupled with foreign and domestic market changes, once the industry into a trough. Many entrepreneurs questioned the way out of the canning industry. However, since the mid-1990s, the Chinese canning industry has gradually completed the system transformation, the formation of a diversified structure, the industry is injected new vitality. China's canned product quality and cheap features, and gradually make many varieties occupy the dominant position in the international market.
Into the twenty-first century, the development of China's canned food industry is the third stage, is the rapid development of the period, a substantial increase in production, across five continents. The export market is mainly Japan, the United States, the EU 15 countries, Russia, ASEAN countries and the Middle East. Canned food industry in China started early, rapid development. From its development trend, the Chinese canned food industry is China's traditional export industry, is currently the most important food industry export industry. China has become one of the world's leading producers and exporters of canned food. In recent years, driven by domestic and international market demand, the canning industry showed sustained and steady growth trend.
Now, the market demand for canned food with the improvement of people's quality of life and rapid increase, canned "overall quality" has also been an all-round development, canned practitioners in the market under the survival of the fittest to become strong, canned industry investment potential and market Prospects are a good.
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