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Raw canned food processing

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Canned fruit production includes raw materials handling, canning, exhaust and sealing, sterilization and cooling processes. The specific requirements of the process vary according to the products. Today, we will introduce canned raw material processing for canned food products.


Canned raw material processing:

1, Choosing canned raw materials and washing cans. First, we need to remove inappropriate and rotting mildew of raw materials. Second is to separate raw materials according to the size and quality of raw materials (color, maturity, etc). These are conducted to ensure the product quality. The purpose of raw material washing is to remove the dust, sediment, some microorganisms and possibly residual chemicals attached to the surface of the fruit.


2, Peeling and trimming canned raw materials. Raw skin thick, hard, with bitter flavor can easily cause adverse consequences in the processing. So peeling is necessary. Peeling methods can be divided into hand-peeling machinery, heat peel, and chemical peel. Some fruit raw materials do not require peeling, simply removing its stem is enough (ex. cherry).


3, Blanching and rinsing canned raw materials. Blanching is the process of steaming the fruit or putting it into a boiling water for a short period of heat treatment. The main purpose is to destroy the enzyme activity, stabilize the color, improve flavor, and soften the tissue, making it easier to can. After treatment, it should be cooled immediately to keep it crisp and tender flesh. Generally, flowing water is used for cooling.


4, Canned raw materials must be dealt in a timely manner. Fruits contain quantitative air which is not conducive to canned food processing. Some fruits might more air than others and can be easily discolored. Such fruits as apples and pears should be treated with vacuum to ensure the desired quality throughout the process. The vacuuming process uses vacuum pumps and other machinery to create a vacuum and suck the air from the fruits.