Quanzhou, Fujian canned fish into high-end African cuisine

During the Spring Festival, Quanzhou production of export enterprises of fish cans, from the original side dishes, desserts transformed into some countries in Africa on the high-end dinner dishes, so that the transformation of several enterprises in Quanzhou export growth rate of double-digit products. 2012, the first export of canned fish in Quanzhou, 2015 annual export volume has reached 4116.16 tons, the export value of $ 112,600,800, an increase of 45.05%, respectively, 49.39%, aquatic export enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrading.
Fruit canned plants to seek transformation
Steaming fish canned products just out of the boiler, came a burst of nostrils of fish. Before 2013, Zhengnong (Fujian) Industrial Co., Ltd. plant is not the smell of this stock, this from the last century began to export canned fruits and vegetables business, in the year ushered in a key step in transition.
The acquisition of local farmers planting lychee, longan, bayberry, processed into canned exports to achieve added value, which was originally a social benefit and business benefits of double harvest, but raw material supply, processing costs and other issues have become increasingly prominent.
"First, there is little intensive Quanzhou fruit and vegetable cultivation base, to the retail acquisition is not only time-consuming, high cost, and the supply of instability, and secondly, fruit seasonal strong, even without orders, seasonal fruits have to catch up with processing, Third, like lychee, longan must be artificial peeling, to nuclear, processing a ton of lychee is only the labor costs as high as 1,000 yuan (http://www.agile-news.com/) .If the price is not high, -1200 yuan. "Agriculture is the deputy general manager of Blue Jianhua said. For raw material supply, labor costs, product shelf life and other considerations, Zhengnong in 2012 to determine the direction of the transition, from the production of canned fruit to fish canned.
Offshore fishing provides sufficient raw material
"Zhangzhou is the national export market for fish, but the same abundant marine resources in Quanzhou has been no deep processing of aquatic products exports, we have long suggested that companies can try to transition to this direction." Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau relevant person in charge, In 2012, Anxi County YiLi Food Refrigeration Co., Ltd., which also produces and sells canned fruit, has exported its first batch of canned fish, with higher profit margins than canned fruit.
In fact, with the rapid development of offshore fishing in Quanzhou in recent years, deep processing of local aquatic products also have the conditions.
In 2012, Quanzhou only 4 ocean-going fishing vessels, in 2014 to 33, as of the end of 2015 has 54, a few years operating waters from the North Pacific and Western Pacific to the African fisheries cooperation project development, has achieved in the sea, Deep sea full coverage. More importantly, from September 2014 onwards, the city's ocean-going fishing boat back to Quan unloading, the real realization of the Quanzhou ocean-going fishing zero breakthrough for the deep processing of aquatic products to provide adequate supply of raw materials. In 2015, Quanzhou port offshore fishing products of the discharge volume has jumped to nearly 3 million tons, ranked second in the province, many of Zhangzhou area of ​​canned fish manufacturers to buy raw materials from Quanzhou.
Ocean fishing fish sell good, fresh high, suitable for the whole fish into a can. Blue Jianhua told reporters last year, the company exported nearly 5,000 tons of canned fish, of which half of the raw materials from the ocean fishing.
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