Processing principle of canned peach

Food cans are pre-treated foodstuffs sealed in a special packaging containers to prevent the re-contamination of external microorganisms, and through the sterilization process to kill the container of spoilage bacteria and pathogens, so that food can be at room temperature Long-term preservation of a processing method. In this way the production of food called canned food, commonly known as canned.
Fruit and vegetable cans are a part of the food cans, where canned fruit in the freshness and nutrition is blessed. From the picking of raw items to the processing of the process is very short, generally not more than 6 hours, high temperature heat treatment to stop the fruit products of all chemical reactions, fruit freshness and nutritional ingredients freeze in the just picking down that time.
Peaches and sugar water fusion, the formation of thick mellow, the essence of the peach sweet to play the most vividly, as many of the products are very popular. Its main raw material peach is very rich in nutrition, it is rich in vitamin C and a lot of human body needs cellulose, carotene, tomato and so on. It is sweet and sour taste less unique, eat two daily can play laxative, blood sugar, blood lipids, anti-free radicals, remove the dark spots, anti-aging, improve immune function and so on.
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