Processing of aquatic products

The following will describe the processing of aquaculture canned meat cans, this product will be tomato sauce canned fish, for example, for you to do a specific introduction.
And poultry cans of the same, on the natural thawing and cleaning of fish, we no longer say that the removal of visceral fish, in the process of washing, in order to facilitate the operation, the individual can be cut into two large fish.
Individual size of the treated fish, the following to do is pickled, with pure water and salt, with the ratio of four percent of the salt, stirring evenly after the clean up the fish into the broader market soaking, soaking To the whole body of the fish soaked in salt water, so tasty. Soak for thirty minutes.
Deodorant treatment
After picking up the fish, the fish should be removed from the broader market, leaking excess water, and then sprinkle the surface of the fish sprinkled with white wine, do deal with fishy. In the sprinkle of liquor at the same time, to fish on the flip, so that the body of the fish can be soaked with white wine, fish deodorant time is about 15 minutes, usually every 50 kilograms of fish, with 1 kg of white wine on it.
After the treatment of fishy, ​​the fish can be loaded, and canned tank before the tank cans and empty tank acceptance, because the previous operation and the same, so do not repeat here to introduce the tomato sauce canned Is still artificial canned, fish installed, in order to ensure that the product of the grams of the same requirements to be weighed. After weighing the canned, but also do exhaust treatment.
Potatoes canned the cans of the cans and chestnuts, like the cans, still in order to drain the gas from the cans, unlike the chestnuts canned chicken, the canned fish canned, the first good canned fish, filled with pure Water, the purpose of adding water, one is to further flush the fish, the second is to speed up the exhaust. After the water is filled, the fish and the tray should be placed on the exhaust plate, into the exhaust box, for exhaust treatment.
After the exhaust canned, covered with a lot of foam and grease, this time, the need to put the whole tank on the control of water, control the tank of water, at the same time, in order to ensure the quality of the product, the staff also Once again on the canned water, water treatment, after control of the cans, you can carry juice.
Before the juice, the first thing to do is still juice, because here is the introduction of jujube fish, so here is the juice of the process of drinking juice. The method of making tomatoes is: the edible oil into the pot, and other oil heat, add chopped green onion, ginger stir fry, when the speculation smell, pour tomato sauce, stir evenly, fry the red, the same part of the prior Boiled good spices, so that the total amount of water is about 300 kg or so, and then poured into 18 kg of sugar, 6 kg of salt, 14 kg of starch, diluted with water, forced mixing, boiled, boiled, You can pan, loaded into the car.
Note juice
After the control of the canned water, you can directly join the Ao good tomato juice, in the process of filling the juice, in order to make the tomato juice as soon as possible soaked in fish, to help taste, you can also use chopsticks slowly stirred in the tank , Pay attention to action to light, so as not to damage the integrity of the fish, filling the work is completed, the staff still have to hand cover children, easy to seal.
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