Pregnancy exclusive fruit, so that you and your baby are supple

Speaking of pregnancy diet, it is essential is the fruit, and every day to eat fruit, not only good for pregnant mothers, but also make our baby after birth, white and tender, oh. In fact, eating fruit is also very particular about, Fruit is divided into cold, warm, neutral, etc., and our physique is also divided into cold physical and thermal constitution, cold body of pregnant mothers better warm fruit, hot body of pregnant mother best Cold fruit. Fruit to eat too much trouble today and send canned manufacturers to introduce a number of suitable for the vast majority of pregnant mother to eat the neutral fruit, so baby looks white and tender Oh.
  Apple contains a lot of vitamin C, sugar, organic acids, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, and times, the apple also contains its unique polyphenols and flavonoids, is "all-round health fruit." Apple can not only relieve morning sickness, constipation, but also regulate the body of the electrolyte, to keep pregnant mothers perfect body, improve fetal baby color and so on.
  Grape contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, etc., also contains a variety of human amino acids, pregnant mothers and baby health is a great benefit. Grapes are fruit to eat during pregnancy, on the neurasthenia, fatigue is too helpful. Especially grapes in the grape seed ingredients can improve immunity, so that pregnant mother's body stick bar.
  Grapefruit contains vitamins, trace elements, folic acid and soluble cellulose, especially folic acid content is high, a certain amount of folic acid during pregnancy can make pregnant mother and fetal baby full of vitality Oh. Grapefruit contains high water content, is conducive to pregnant mother's skin moisturizing, thin, enhance immunity. In addition, grapefruit can also be used to prevent constipation during pregnancy, is one of the essential fruit during pregnancy Oh.
  Pregnant pregnant mother more or less will have morning sickness, emotional instability, loss of appetite, constipation, guava contains polyphenols can play a role in protecting the nervous system, the stability of the mood, so delicious guava can be very delicious Effectively reduce the reaction of pregnant Ma Ma Oh. In addition, many pregnant mothers drink anemia situation, and guava in the nutrients can play a very effective prevention and mitigation prevention of anemia during pregnancy.
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