Peculiar effect of canned peach

Nutrition is very rich peach, according to the Academy of Agricultural Sciences experts test: its main nutrients are: rich in vitamin C and a large number of human needs, tomato flavin, carotenoids and a variety of trace elements cellulose, . Such as selenium, zinc and other levels were significantly higher than other ordinary peaches, also contains malic acid, citric acid and other ingredients. Peach skin and fruit were golden, sweet little more, taste unique, eat two can play a daily catharsis, lowering blood sugar, blood fat, anti-free radicals, eliminate dark spots, anti-aging, improve immune function , But also to promote appetite, called health fruit, health peach.
The main origin of canned yellow peach
Peach in three or four thousand years ago, in the land of China has been valued and has been artificially cultivated to the Qin and Han Dynasties, peach has cultivated a variety of important species, with the persimmon grafted gold peach, continue to multiply into today's yellow peach Population.
Peach cultivation in northwest China, southwest area more, with the tank processing industry, is now in North China, East China, Northeast and other places to cultivate an area is also growing. Especially in Dangshan County, Anhui Province produced the best quality canned yellow peach, ranked third in the world.
Effect and function of canned peach
1, yellow peach canned is rich in antioxidants.
Yellow peach in the β-carotene, lycopene, vitamin C, etc. have a good role in the aging, you can get rid of dark spots, while peach cans of vitamin B2 in iron and protein metabolism plays an important role .
2, canned peach is rich in dietary fiber.
Canned peach contains a lot of pectin and cellulose, it is easy to be absorbed, and can play a laxative effect, can also lower blood sugar, Long blood pressure, blood fat, good for human health.
3, yellow peach canned iron, calcium ingredients higher.
Canned peach contains a lot of trace elements: such as iron, calcium, selenium, zinc, these can be said that the content of fruit is the king of the fruit.
4, yellow peach can have beauty health effects.
Canned peach is rich in vitamin C, eat canned peaches have cured the role of dark spots, while peach can also delay the aging of the human body, can improve the body's immune system. It can be said canned peach is a good health fruit.
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