Peach what effect and role

 Canned peach manufacturers to tell you what effect peach and role.
    1, peach has the role of nourishing kidney
    Peach is a particularly suitable for physical consumption of the fruit of the weak population, because the fruit can play replenishing qi and blood and kidney role, for those who lack of lung qi and blood loss in patients with good diet effect.
    2, peach has the effect of thirst
    Peach is a juicy and sweet fruit, its fruit juice contains a variety of trace elements, people can play after the role of Sheng Jinzhi cough, for those who dry mouth and lack of sleep in the crowd, have a good conditioning Role, people in the food, the kind of God Qingqi Shuang feeling.
    3, yellow peaches have the effect of living sedentary stasis
    Peach in the nutrients can speed up the flow of blood in the human body, play a blood effect, due to human blood and poor blood spots appear purpura embolism, have a good elimination effect.
    4, Peach has the role of menstruation and treatment of constipation
    Peach is a woman's health fruit, this fruit in the conditioning of blood at the same time, women can ease the symptoms of abdominal pain during menstruation, while for women during menstrual lumbago also have therapeutic effect. Then there are peaches to stimulate the role of human intestinal movement, the effect of treatment of constipation is also very good.
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