Peach diet great value!

Nutritional value:
Rich in carbohydrates, constitute the body of important substances; storage and provide heat; to maintain brain function must be energy; regulate fat metabolism; provide dietary fiber; save protein; detoxification; enhance intestinal function. Rich in vitamin c, Victoria c has protection of dental health, prevention of atherosclerosis, free radicals to prevent cancer, protect cells, detoxification, protect the liver, improve immunity, emergency response capability.
people suitble:
People who are easily tired, people who work in polluting the environment, people who like to smoke, people who engage in strenuous exercise and high-intensity labor, and people who take medicine for a long time. Helps congestion, purpura, bleeding and other symptoms, pigment spots, cataract patients, treatment of patients with scurvy.
1, Yin tonic: fill deficiency, Yijing gas, lungs and kidney, for the lung and kidney. Suitable for chronic illness and physical weakness or consumptive benefit.
2, Shengjinzhike: throat to dry, refreshing and comfortable. Suitable for dry mouth, dry eyes, over-thought, lack of sleep, speech too much crowd.
3, blood stasis: to promote human blood running, appropriate for the treatment of blood stasis.
4, purge: can lubricate the bowel, stimulate bowel movements.
5, menstruation: relieve dysmenorrhea, or menstrual low back pain.
6, asthma: reduce the excitability of the respiratory center, respiratory movement tends to be quiet and the role of antitussive and asthma.
Constipation, dysmenorrhea, virtual labor cough, hernia pain, nocturnal emission, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats embolism.
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