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Outdoor backpack equipment was canned enterprises to seize the initiative

Jutai Foods

In recent years, as China traditional agricultural and sideline products processing industry, canned in the export has been eye-catching performance.

In recent years, as China's traditional agricultural and sideline products processing industry, canned in the export has been eye-catching performance. But compared to the fiery foreign markets, canned food in the domestic market is cold. According to statistics, the United States per capita consumption of canned about 90 kg, about 50 kg in Western Europe, Japan, 23 kg, while China is only 1 kg.
According to the canning industry market research and analysis report, since 2014, the national scale canned enterprise output growth of more than 7%, but exports continued to decline, fruit canned exports by two to three percent. Canned from the global trend of development, a comprehensive group has gradually become the trend, the focus of resources to gradually move closer, continuous optimization of the industrial chain, international peers to further strengthen the competitiveness. New materials, new packaging and the wide application of new technologies, but also to the domestic canned industry has brought new challenges.
For the canned old industry, although the development of long history means deep inside, but it also means that in the new economic situation, the old industry is facing more challenges. How to change the inherent trend of the industry, looking for innovation, a breakthrough in the development of each canned enterprise needs serious consideration.
Open up the catering market
To meet consumer demand
Zaha, chairman of Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. believes that to meet the domestic market demand, we must first understand the needs of consumers, the development of products that truly meet consumer demand. Such as the Chinese people like to eat fresh fruit, so canned fruit in the country is not very popular, but in recent years began to appear braised pork, pickled pork, tea mushroom and other traditional food canned food by consumers. Because the pace of life is now faster, young people do not like to cook, so the flavor of the dishes or canned raw materials, and vigorously develop the convenience of food canned, is the industry development. In addition, in the international trend of canned food, canned food in the catering industry to open up the market, catering and canned food docking is located in the kitchen chef's processors, if this approach can be extended to the average consumer , Then the canned food market share will be further improved.
More canned companies find that the cannery industry is welcoming the "kitchen market", "backpack market", "trunk market", etc., in the simplification of the kitchen, fashion and outdoor sports, leisure and tourism, etc., due to changes in the lifestyles of the younger generation. Historical opportunity. Focusing on future demand, new concepts, new formats and new models of the manufacturing and distribution industry, including the food industry, will emerge and will lead to more changes in consumer demand and approaches