Nutritive Value of Yellow Peach

Peach cultivation in northwest China, southwest area more, with the tank processing industry, is now in North China, East China, Northeast and other places to cultivate an area is also growing. Especially in Anhui Province produced the best quality canned yellow peach, ranked third in the world. Yellow peach canned nutrient-rich, its rich in many nutrients, its high nutritional value, its much the public's favorite. So, yellow peach canned what nutritional value? Below, mother network encyclopedia for everyone to answer.
Yellow peach canned in the rich in vitamin C and a large number of the human body needs cellulose, carotene, lycopene, red and a variety of trace elements, including selenium, zinc and other content were significantly higher than other ordinary peaches, Acid, citric acid and other ingredients. Regular consumption, can play a catharsis, lowering blood sugar, blood lipid effect, it also has anti-free radicals, eliminate dark spots, anti-aging, beauty beauty, improve immune function, but also to promote appetite, called health fruit, health Of the peach
Thus, the nutritional value of canned yellow peach is very good, appropriate consumption, the human body has some benefits, but if you want to eat safer and health canned peach, you may wish to make their own hands. There Oh, in their daily lives, it is recommended that you eat more fresh fruit, less canned fruit.
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