Nutritionist reminded to eat canned food a week should not exceed three times

In the United States, every household's kitchen, the basement will be able to reserve some cans, they think, this is the necessary reserves for disaster prevention and emergency. Moreover, for the "lazy" Americans, canned food is a good helper to cook delicious. For example, canned fish can be easily done hamburgers, sandwiches, salads; canned tomatoes used to make a variety of tomato flavors of soup, stews, pizza; canned fruit can do pie pie, dessert; and convenient canned vegetables more Went to the trouble of cleaning peeled, used to bake, steam, do salad are very good. Chinese nutrition experts believe that the best can eat two or three times a week, and a slightly different focus groups.
Old man canned fish. Fish nutrient-rich, but doing trouble, but also because there are thorns, the elderly eat up inconvenient. Canned fish can be a good solution to this trouble. Because the canned fish bones have been very Sulan, and a large number of calcium dissolution, easier for the elderly to eat.
Office workers for canned vegetables. Office workers fast-paced life, there is no time to eat enough vegetables. Canned food is very convenient, with the point of ham, eggs, meat, you can make a balanced meal nutrition, such as corn, green beans ham fried rice, corn soup, water chestnut balls.
Children can eat fruit canned. Studies have shown that canned fruits and fresh fruit nutrition, or less, but because of high sugar, not suitable for the elderly, but very suitable for children. A can of fruit is relatively soft, suitable for digestive function is not very good children. Second, many of the original very sour fruit, such as peach, processed into canned sweet and delicious. In fact, we eat fruit yogurt is also used in canned fruit, so that it will not change the taste, not perishable. Fruit can not only directly eat, but also easy to make delicious: yellow peach yogurt, sugar, Sydney white fungus soup, sugar, hawthorn mixed cabbage heart.
Housewife pick point novelty canned. Housewives can buy some raw materials "rare" novelty cans, as long as the simple method will be able to make "innovative dishes", such as white asparagus, chickpeas, olives and so on.
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