Nutritional value of canned

Apricot is one of the cultivated varieties of fruit trees in northern China. In the spring and summer fruit market occupies an important position, by the people's preferences, but because of the seasonal strong apricot, so it is difficult to eat in the winter before and after the fresh apricot. So apricot canned winter in the market much favored. But can there be nutritional value of apricot in the end it? Nutritional value what exactly? So Xiaobian lead everyone to explore what happens.
Nutritional costs of apricot canned food:
1. Qingrejiedu. Unfamiliar fruit contains more flavonoids; to fruit early, beautiful color, apricot canned fruit juicy, sweet grace, sweet and sour taste for the characteristics, also known as apricot canned.
2. Apricot canned fruit nutrient-rich, apricot canned vitamin B17 is the most abundant fruit, is a high nutritional value of fruit, apricot canned nuts richer. And only kill the cancer cells, lungs and phlegm, the normal health, the cells without any poisoning.
Apricot is covered in treasure, apricot made of apricot can also have attending wind cold lung disease, the economic cost is high. Shengjinzhike, and vitamin B17 is extremely effective anti-cancer substances, is tonic to share, detoxification,
Medicinal cost:
Apricot meat in addition to fresh for people outside. In the Chinese herbal medicine, flavonoids can prevent heart disease and eliminate the role of myocardial infarction death, lungs and phlegm, almonds can be made of almond cream canned almonds, canned almonds, canned almonds, canned almonds, canned almonds, canned almonds , Almond oil canned; occupy an important position in the Chinese herbal medicine, almond oil yellow and transparent, fragrance taste. Canned apricot, canned apricot juice, canned apricot wine, canned apricot, apricot plum canned, canned apricot, canned apricot, canned apricot, canned apricot, canned apricot, canned apricot, Apricot plum canned, apricot Danpi canned,
Apricot can be seen in the daily occupy this important position, and therefore apricot canned in the market to be hot. Apricot canned a good solution in the apricot is not mature season, can eat apricots canned.
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