Knowledge of canned fungi!

Canned fruit canned here is now loved by the people, but in the course of the use of its knowledge of sterilization, do not know if you know it?
It is important to sterilize the cans, and good sterilization is an important factor in the long-term preservation of cans. Its main purpose is to kill the food contamination of pathogens, toxic bacteria, spoilage bacteria, so that can not appear any deterioration of the phenomenon, followed by the use of the process, the need to pay attention to the preservation of food quality and nutrition , In life, it is inside a variety of enzymes, and the activities of the enzyme is often able to change, a long time, it will appear discoloration of the phenomenon, easy to become turbid, in fact, in many cases, this The enzyme is passivated at 79 ° C in a matter of minutes.
Canned fruit wholesalers tell us that the usual sterilization temperature is to passivate the activity of various enzymes to ensure the use of cans to enhance the service life of canned fruit.
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