Information on the processing of fruit canned raw materials

Fruit canned raw materials, heat treatment information, canned fruit canned fruit production, need to first sort the fruit, cleaning and nuclear, to complete these operations after the need for its heat treatment, the purpose of this heating what is it then?

Canned raw materials, hot and rinse, hot is the fruit into the boiling water or steam for a short period of heat treatment, the main purpose is to destroy the enzyme activity, stable color, improve the flavor; soften the organization, easy to pack, remove Moisture, keep the tank when the solid stability to kill part of the microbial attached to the raw material k and raw materials from a certain role in the washing, such as hot rust treatment should be immediately cooled to keep its crisp. Fruits Canned Wholesalers say that our cans are usually rinse with running water to cool, ensuring that the fruit cans have a good taste, which is also a lot of large canned food production plants are very recognized approach.

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