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Industry Reform of Canned Fruit

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China canned fruit industry has great potential, but to maintain healthy and stable development of the industry need to pay attention to the following questions:

China's canned fruit products in the international market has occupied an absolute advantage and market share. Canned fruit annual output of up to 130 million tons, nearly 600,000 tons for export, exports account for about one-sixth of the global market, exports amounted to more than 400 million US dollars. Of the many products exported, canned oranges yield the most, about 300,000 tons, accounting for nearly 50% of exports, accounting for 75% of world production, accounting for more than 80% of international trade, followed by peaches canned, the annual export The amount of about 70,000 tons, the future development of a great space, once again, pineapple, pear, litchi and other products.
From the current canned fruit sales situation, in recent years, the domestic consumption of the rapid development of the canned food market, in some regional markets, annual sales exceeded 5 million to more than 10 million brands and a few, some companies even a single product A single product sales of billions of decent performance.
China's canned fruit industry has great potential, but to maintain healthy and stable development of the industry need to pay attention to the following questions:
With 80,90 and 00 after the consumer growth, more and more buying behavior will be decided by the brand, the brand influence more and more obvious. The canned water market in China, including the larger sales of peach, orange and other markets have not yet formed to allow consumers to remember the brand in mind, the prevalence of consumer awareness of the status of canned products is not high.
Preservatives cognitive errors still exist. Canned is the use of additives at least, but the best to maintain the original flavor of a food food. But many consumers generally believe that canned food is to rely on preservatives. It is this misunderstanding, so that consumers buy canned products there is a huge shackles.
Canning industry as a whole propaganda is low. And dairy products, beverages, convenience foods and other food comparison, the intensity of our canned food is low. Consumers to a more in-depth education, to eliminate some deep-rooted errors, the need for long-term subtle influence. Enterprises should take the initiative to promote the advantages of canned products, enhance the opportunities for bigger and stronger.
Currently on the market there is a healthy, stylish, convenient fruit canned, called "small black cans." "Small black cans" series of canned fruit have been "Wen Dun" process and pasteurization technology. Washing the fruit directly into the cans, both to ensure the nutritional value of canned fruit in the maximum, while maintaining the original alkaline fruit. So that canned fruit in the nutrition more easily absorbed. Qushi Qi Liang Qi, and acidic products is the biggest feature.
"Black cans," critical of the process and high quality, so that children, young people and the elderly, whether at work, travel or rest, will enjoy the high-tech and more natural feeling. In breaking the traditional canned fruit production process and the concept of the brand at the same time, so that "small black cans" become essential for everyone's life, the public luxury.