How to open the cans

A lot of people can eat cans, are with a very serious problem, that is, will not open the bottle, then in the day when, with what kind of skills to open it? Today canned the relevant personnel of the manufacturer Know more about their own knowledge to everyone.
In fact, we use the most one method is to use the hand directly to the bottom of the bottle, and then turn the bottle over the bottom of the bottom of the force tapping 5-8, the top of the bottle with a block wipes toward open (open ) Indicates the direction of a twist and easy to open the cap, which is the most used one of the methods. Second, the use of some of the tools used, it is best to use scissors or flat screwdriver gently pry the cap, the purpose of doing so is to let it into some of the air inside it, so that can be very good Open the bottle cap, you can also tape on the cap with a tape attached to the direction of the open tape can also open the tape, this is not very good operation.
The above method does not know whether you learned it, if you have a better way, you can share with us, I believe in this process, we will learn a lot of knowledge.
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