How to eat sweet corn canned corn kernels homemade practice

Sweet corn not only contains common corn hydrolyzable starch and sugar, as well as ordinary corn is not waxy. Sweet with waxy, unique flavor, won the love to eat sweets, waxy food friends love. Sweet corn cans are generally used as ingredients, many dishes are used in cooking it, it is also a flavor of the existence of the same.
1: Ingredients: sweet corn Accessories: egg candy fresh cream: 1, select the fresh, full of sweet corn kernels,
2, corn kernels into the clean pot to cook, cook the process of continuous taste, according to their taste of sugar, can be more or less
3, almost boiled corn, sweet tone is also about the same time, the eggs scattered and mix thoroughly poured into the pot and cook it slightly
4, cooked corn wok bowl, add fresh cream in the bowl, and then into the refrigerator
This canned sweet corn to do a good job on how to eat sweet corn canned delicious it? Generally can be opened after the cold cover ready-to-eat, but too cold, and generally do ingredients. For example, the Lantern Festival or the usual home when the rice balls can be put into a spoonful of sweet corn cans into the taste of no less than glutinous rice dumplings glutinous rice balls or what the taste difference. This should be a lot of old people and children like something
Tips: sweet corn canned corn itself is sweet, rich in protein, but also added eggs and sugar, in order to avoid causing illness, diabetes is recommended not to eat. Let cool canned corn is not eat, stomach cold can cause diarrhea and other symptoms.
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