How can the cans be kept?

Cannon often put a sticky for some time, it was said that the sticky canned with the smell of cans almost, with hot water can also eat, harmless to the human body, really this way? How can the cans be kept?
Sticky cans do not eat
Cans and meat, are rich in protein-rich ingredients, so easy to poor ventilation and high temperature conditions in the breeding of bacteria, leaving the cans become sticky. If the strain is pure, you do not have to worry about its safety.
Such as canned plants, they under certain conditions, will hydrolyze the protein, the precipitation of amino acids, to be more conducive to the body to absorb nutrients, such as calcium, essential amino acids, etc., while enhancing the flavor of cans, these ingredients are on the human body harmless. But the home environment, more bacteria, will be mixed with harmful bacteria, and some will produce toxins, rinse with hot water can not guarantee complete wash. Therefore, sticky canned food is not recommended.
Canned food taboo
① eat too much not only hinder the body's absorption of iron, and easily lead to protein indigestion, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other symptoms. Long-term excessive canned food can easily lead to iodine deficiency, leading to iodine deficiency disorders.
② can not be lit onion, so as not to damage its nutrients.
③ the elderly a lot of food canned, excessive intake of animal protein, increase the burden on the kidneys, so that further decline in renal function.
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