How can the canned fruit? Simple canned method

How can the canned fruit? We all ask this question. Can not open the cans is not difficult to open, and sometimes a lot of time to waste a lot of effort or not open, really anxious ah. In order to be able to open the can more quickly, summed up the following more practical method of open cans.
How can the canned fruit? Simple canned method
Canned Method: Pry on the cap
If you have a knife at hand, scissors and the like, open the cans on the more convenient, according to the edge of the lid under the lid pry a pry, cans inside and outside the atmospheric pressure to maintain balance, you can open.
Canned method: a small mouth with a sharp weapon
Find a harder thing, gently poke on the lid, the pressure inside and outside the bottle after the uniform, it is easy to open.
Canned canned method: canned hand down shot
If there is no tool can be used around, you can pour down the cans, hand in the bottom of the bottle hard shot, and then the lid on the ground gently knock a few times, hear the sound of discouraged can be hand unscrewed The.
Canned method: heating
The cans are placed sideways in a larger container, and then poured into the water, the height of the water to exceed the height of the bottle, so that the liquid tank, gas expansion, and the indoor pressure can be opened.
The above is a personal summary of the method can be opened canned, simple and practical, I hope you can eat fruit next time can be very easy to open, if you have any canned tips, may wish to share with you.
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