Fruits canned little knowledge

Canned fruit is a fresh fruit as the main raw material, after processing, canning, exhaust, sealing, heat sterilization, cooling and other processes, to achieve commercial aseptic, thus extending the shelf life of a fresh food. According to the different processing methods, canned fruit canned water canned fruit canned, syrup canned fruit, canned fruit canned fruit, canned fruit juice, the main representative products are sugar water orange, sugar cane pineapple, canned peaches and so on.

Consumption must read

1, the purchase of canned fruit, the first observation of whether the packaging clean and neat, writing printed clear; second should determine the product in the shelf life, the food label is marked with the name of the enterprise, factory name, site, ingredients table, net content, solid Material content, standard number, quality level and other information.

2, to the glass bottle packaging products, can observe the contents of the block is complete, with or without foreign body. Some fruit canned in the processing or during storage and transportation, often appear discoloration and other quality problems, so also depends on the fruit color should not be browning. When choosing a product in a metal can, do not buy the product of the outer wall or the lid of the metal canister due to corrosion.

3, the shape of the packaging changes do not buy the product. When the canned fruit is microbial contamination, loss of food value, often produce the product "fat listen" phenomenon, that is, by observing the product of the product packaging volume increases. Metal cans of packaging products, in the transport process, by the object collision, often appear outside the wall of the phenomenon of depression, the air easily accessible, resulting in the contents of the rancidity deterioration, found that the situation of the product can not eat.

4, the purchase of canned fruit, should distinguish between good canned sugar cans and canned sugar. Sugar canned sugar syrup concentration is generally about 15%, more suitable for direct consumption. Syrup canned sugar syrup concentration is high, more than 65%, only suitable for food processing. So consumers at the time of purchase to see the food label on the sugar concentration, to distinguish and then buy.

5, consumers should try to reputable shopping malls to buy formal business or product main producing areas have a certain scale of the production of products. Purchase should carefully check the production date, shelf life, carefully check the integrity of the packaging.

6, canned fruit and sugar content is very high, open the lid, it is easy to cause a large number of microbial breeding, causing the product rancidity, loss of food value. Recommended consumers to open the lid, try to eat once finished.

How to buy peach, strawberry canned

Consumers in the choice of fruit canned, the first to see the fruit canned flesh, its color should be not even, there are golden, and a little with blue, fake yellow peach canned pulp is completely consistent, The color looks good looking. Normal canned peach It should be colorless, and stained (canned), its soup is yellow.

The choice of canned strawberry, should pay attention to the first look at the soup, if the soup is very red and red, it is stained, if the soup slightly pink, it is normal. But also depends on its flesh, stained strawberry canned its flesh so small, maturity can not achieve very good, complete red color, and normal flesh is relatively large, the color is also relatively shallow.

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