Fruit cups in the end okay?

When it comes to fruit cups, most people will surely say better than eating fresh fruit. Fruit cups with raw materials are all fruit in the defective. In the end the truth is not the case?


In fact, the freshness of the fruit cups than the daily fresh fruit to eat fresh, in life, most consumers think that animal food just slaughtered is fresh, botanical food just picked is fresh, processed and stored these foods It lost its "fresh", the fruit cups may not keep up with the market, merry fruits, but the most authoritative credentials to judge the freshness of the food is to maintain the original nutrient content of fruits, any vegetables, fruits are still picking after picking "Breathing", some nutrients began to decline, within 24 hours, the grape will lose 40% of the vitamin c, the orange will lose 30%, yellow peach will lose 10%, fruits and vegetables after picking, long transport, storage, and then placed Farmers markets or supermarkets, even if the appearance of well-preserved, can not be called fresh. To say fresh, only pick fruit from the tree is the freshest to eat.


The fruit cups in preservation of freshness and nutrition blessed, second only to pick the fruit. From the picking of raw materials to the processing of the whole process is very short, usually less than 6 hours, high temperature heat treatment halted all the chemical reactions of fruit and vegetable products, fruit cups freshness and nutrients were frozen in the just-picked time . Canned foods not only maximize the nutritional value of the food, but also improve the nutritional value of the food.


Another advantage of the fruit cups is its light weight, small size, easy to carry, the price is also cheaper than tin cans.

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