Fruit canned raw material treatment

1. Raw material processing: raw materials in the tank must be removed before the edible parts and all impurities.

2. Feeding temperature: The activity of the enzyme is closely related to the passivation temperature, so it is necessary to give some fruit raw material, especially the fruit to be pre-cooked. Different types of raw materials, feeding temperature requirements when the different.

3. Washing: In order to remove dust, sediment, part of the microorganisms and possibly chemical pesticides attached to the surface of the fruit, the fruit must be washed before being treated.

4. Classification: To ensure the quality of canned products, and ease of processing operations (such as machinery or lye peel), improve labor efficiency and reduce the consumption of raw materials, raw materials must be graded. The grading method can be graded by size and by quality.

5. Tare: fruit peel can improve the color and flavor of the product. The method of peeling is done by hand to skinning, mechanical peeling and chemical peeling. Mechanical peeling method generally used to peel the machine, such as apples, pears and other fruits are used mechanical peeled. Chemical peel method is usually peeled with hot solution of sodium hydroxide, such as peach peeled, orange to capsule. There are also some varieties of heat to peel the law, such as the maturity of peaches, loquat, steamed and peeled with steam. Regardless of what kind of skinning method to achieve in addition to the skin can not eat part of the skin to keep the skin after the appearance of smooth, to prevent the skin is too thick, increase the consumption of raw materials.

6. Dicing and dressing: Depending on the type of raw material and the requirements of the product.

7. Pumping treatment: the fruit contains a certain amount of air, content according to varieties, cultivation conditions, maturity and different. Fruit contains air, is not conducive to processing, its impact such as discoloration, rupture, boil, loose tissue and cans difficult to corrode the tank wall, reduce the vacuum inside the tank and so on. Therefore, some of the more air, or easy to change the fruit such as apples, pears, pineapples, etc., must be vacuum suction treatment. Pumping method of dry pumping and wet pumping two.

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