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Freeze - dried food and dehydrated food: what s the difference?

Jutai Foods

1, dehydrated food: As the name suggests is to remove moisture or water is very low food; dehydrated food is a general term: including drying, freeze-drying, microwave drying, vacuum low-temperature fry VF, dried, etc. dry way, remove fresh food moisture The resulting dry food can be called dehydrated food.
2, freeze-drying is more modern technology. The food was placed on a large shelf in the vacuum chamber, where the temperature was lowered to the freezing point and then slowly raised. The water in the food changes from a solid state to a gas, thus preserving the food structure and preserving all the important nutrients. The traditional drying method generally removes about 90-95% moisture, while the freeze-drying technique can remove 98-99%. The less water, the longer the shelf life of the food. Extension of small food freeze dryer.
3, freeze-dried food to save the original color, smell, taste, nutritional ingredients and the appearance of the original material, and has a good rehydration, and does not contain any additives, is the ideal natural health food.