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Edible canned yellow peaches have no age limit

Jutai Foods

Canned yellow peaches in the past is yellow peach, belongs to the Rosaceae peach, named for the yellow meat. Peach nutrition is very rich, rich in antioxidants (α-carotene, β-carotene, lycopene, lycopene and vitamin C, anti-free radicals, etc.), dietary fiber Human body needs cellulose, easy absorption, etc.), iron calcium and trace elements (selenium, zinc and other content was significantly higher than other fruits, is the king of the fruit).

canned yellow peaches but can not help but because of his rich nutrition and fame, but it also has more beauty features known. Vitamin C and carotene can effectively eliminate free radicals, anti-aging, eliminate dark spots and other effects, is one of many women's trust products.

And canned yellow peaches with unique nutrients more focused on the elderly and children, all kinds of cellulose, trace elements, often eat a lipid-lowering, blood sugar, improve the effectiveness of human immunity.


Therefore, the canned yellow peaches food made it clear that there is no age gap between eating canned yellow peaches, no matter how old people eat on the body is a great benefit, so please rest assured that Peach canned.