Different materials canned nutrient

Canned food ingredients and nutrient content are different than fresh fruits. When fruits are canned, their carotene, lycopene, and calcium composition will increase thanks to the heating during the canning process. Studies have shown that carotene content in canned carrots is 50% higher than that of fresh carrots and tomato lycopene is twice as high as that of fresh tomatoes. Take canned fish for example, as a result of the production process, the fish bones become soft and dissolve into more calcium, inducing higher calcium value!


Although canned food might lose some vitamins, such as vitamin C and folic acid, the nutritional loss is different for each ingredient. Acidic material such as tomatoes will lose relatively smaller ratio of vitamin content, and for those that are considered as neutral food such as peas and spinach, the vitamin content will decrease drastically.

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