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Different groups choose different canned foods

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Canned foods has gained popularity in recent years. In 2017 alone, Americans ate $ 25.4 billion worth of canned foods.

In the United States, canned foods are stored in the kitchens and basements of every household, which is necessary in case of emergency. Aside from that, canned foods is a great assistance for cooking. For example, canned fish for hamburgers, sandwiches, and salads; canned tomatoes to make soup, stew, and pizza sauce; canned fruits for dessert, and so on. No need for washing or peeling, you just have to open the lid and the work is done.

The elderly should eat more canned fish. Fish are nutritious but fish bones are rather inconvenient for the elderly to clean. Canned fish can be the solution. The bones of canned fish have been crisped, causing the calcium to dissolve. It is easier for them to consume.

Canned vegetables are suitable for the office workers. Office workers have a fast-paced life. They have little to no time to cook meals. Canned vegetables are convenient. Just add a little ham, eggs, meat, and you can make a balanced diet.

Canned fruits are children's favorite. Research shows that there is not much difference between the nutrition of canned fruits and fresh fruits. Canned fruit is relatively soft, suitable for the digestive function of children. Sour fruits, such as peach, can be turned into a sweet and tasty treat. Perfect for those little picky eaters.