Development prospects of freeze - dried food

China's freeze-dried food industry development prospects.
At present, the international market demand for freeze-dried food increased year by year. The world's freeze-dried food production, in the early 70s only nearly 200,000 tons, to the 90's has reached tens of millions of tons. In recent years, the annual consumption in the United States is more than 5 million tons, Japan is more than 1.6 million tons, France is more than 1.5 million tons, in addition to local production, the above countries also need to import a lot of freeze-dried food. At present, China's total output of freeze-dried food, still far from meeting the needs of the grade. In addition, foreign is the rise of edible freeze-dried process made of instant drinks, grain vegetables, instant soup and ultra-fine powder food, they will be in China will soon develop. China has a number of local famous special products, after freeze-drying process, it becomes a high-grade dehydrated famous special products. Correspondingly, China's agricultural and animal husbandry products have been hovering in the primary or primary processing stage, the overall technical content is low. Through the development of freeze-dried vegetables and meat and other food, will improve the quality of China's exports of food, access to higher value-added. In short, the Chinese market coincided with the opportunity to expand demand for freeze-dried food.
Freeze-dried food products belonging to the field of deep processing of agricultural and sideline products, China's agricultural and sideline products is extremely rich in resources, variety, good quality, low prices, urgent need to achieve value-added through deep processing. On the one hand, China's Chinese herbal medicine, precious animals, plant variety, can produce a unique freeze-dried luxury products. On the other hand, China's labor-intensive, processing costs are relatively low. This low-cost freeze-dried food, a great attraction to foreign investors. It can be said that the development of freeze-dried food industry, China's agricultural products will become a good way to achieve value-added.
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