China canned orange


Mandarin orange is one of the most famous fruit originated from China. During the 1950s to the early 80s, canned food is uncommon for civilians and considered as gifts or important food for festivals. Canned mandarin orange and canned pineapple are mostly favored by children for their texture and sweet taste.


At that time, canned fruits are packed in a wide mouth glass bottle. Its yellow iron cover is not easy to open. If treated recklessly, the glass might break and go into the food. It's very inconvenient as people will have to use a knife to make a small hole on the lid, pour out the water to drink, and open the cover to eat the fruit.


In the 1970s, the army brought back a large number of compressed dry food, canned lunch meat, canned pineapple, and canned mandarin orange to bring home, as a gift for their children or friends. In the late 80s, mandarin oranges are affordable, after which people began to eat fresh citrus instead. Another reason for its decrease in popularity is the conception of excessive sugar intake that's believed are caused by the syrup.

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