China canned industry is facing new problems

     Recently, China's canned industry association chairman Liang Zhongkang pointed out that the recent canned industry began to face some new difficulties and problems, how to reduce consumption, through scientific and technological innovation to improve the quality of packaging and color varieties, has been the production of bottled enterprises "bottleneck" problem.
     Now the main problem is: First, the original auxiliary packaging materials prices, such as canned packaging tinplate, prices continue to rise, or as high as 70% -80%, agricultural prices so that raw materials soared, the export market by the impact; Quality problems, such as individual business packaging tank does not meet the food safety, and some food cans due to dessert food (such as tomato sauce, pineapple and other acidic fruits and vegetables) conditions, the paint may be corroded, the product did not reach the exporting country Safety standards, so that just improved canned industry reputation and market hit; third is the increase in trade barriers, exports are facing more difficulties. Such as China's exports to the United States canned mushrooms by anti-dumping sanctions, exports of canned orange canned has been strictly limited.
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