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Canned vegetables have no nutrition?

Jutai Foods

Many people often have a dilemma in the supermarket? Is it better to buy nutritious fresh vegetables or more convenient canned vegetables? Nutrition experts analysis will provide you with the most feasible choice.


Experts stated, "the nutritional value of canned vegetables is the same as the fresh vegetables, both of which have similar levels of dietary fiber, carbohydrates, and protein." This conclusion is attained by comparing cooked vegetables, fresh vegetables, and canned vegetables. After the fruits and vegetables are picked, 70% of the vitamin C content will be lost within a day.


And although canned vegetables are not as appealing as fresh vegetables,  ripe vegetables are packed into jars and stored immediately. An anaerobic sealed environment is found to be more conducive to the preservation of vegetables.


Additionally, canned vegetables are more convenient to carry and store. For those too busy to cook or small kitchen, this choice is perfect.


Another benefit of canned vegetables is enriching people's menus and offering more choices. Canned vegetables do not need to be stewed for several hours, resulting in the loss of nutrition. Simply use a microwave or pan for a few minutes. Food can also be made in a variety of ways, salad, ready-to-eat or as a recipe's ingredient.