Canned peach tips

Canned Peach is a kind of canned food made from peach according to the process of raw material selection, dicing, digging nuclear, peeling, rinsing, pre-cooking, dressing, filling, venting, sealing, sterilization, cooling, Class products, can generally open the lid ready-to-eat, can also be high-temperature heating food. Hot summer, yellow peach canned into the refrigerator after the cold, taste better. Many people like to eat yellow peach canned, but canned peaches ignorant, here we come to a brief introduction of the next few canned peach food tips.
1. Why is the size of peach different?
Peach meat and some very yellow, and some are not particularly yellow? Answer A peach ripening season in June-August, so this season's peach is picked in which month (light. Weather reasons) Peach itself color and size There are differences.
2. Why some canned to eat up a little soft and some moderate taste some crisp it?
Peach is divided into many levels, the same level of hard and soft peaches are not the same! Want to taste the yellow peach canned, the best out of the new canned storage for more than a year before delicious.
3. Why can export a bit of camphor flavor?
Export of peach because of ocean shipping, need to be painted on the tank of paraffin oil to prevent the long sea in the corrosive strong sea breeze corrosion tank, to prevent rust! So some domestic exports canned, a little mothballs The taste, that is the reason for the paraffin oil. Some people say that is on the preservative, in fact, the product is not enough understanding.
4. Why is ripe peach not suitable for canning?
There is a need for low-temperature control process! If cooked and then after the cook may be rotten, a little mature yet soft Peach is the most suitable for canned peach. So sometimes we eat the yellow peach may not be particularly yellow color. Manufacturers in order to be able to taste and color better, will last year's canned peach in the factory to store some time for filling, as this year's products sell Some buyers like to buy new products, so the taste is a little bit Q do not feel the color is not particularly yellow, is normal.
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